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    Strange colours and video playback


      Help me pleaseeeeee!!!!! im having a real bad time with this Sling Pro its not showing the image right, the picture keeps jumping up and down and the colors are off, like an old 70's tv with V-hold. ive done just about everything ie; reset, unplugged all equipment including the wireless bridge and still same stuff. i really don't want to pay $30 buck for support on this please someone help me!!!! im ready to i can be reached at thekaiya@gmail.com

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          eferz Expert

          Which Slingbox (Pro or Pro-HD) are you using?


          Which Connection Type (Component, S-Video, Composite, ANT IN)?


          During the Setup Assistant which did you pick for "Device" Type (Cable Box, Satellite Receiver, Standalone DVR (Digital Video Recorder), DVD Player, Other Controllable Device, or Non-Controllable Device)?


          Manufacturer and Model of the Set-top box?


          Do you get the same results from the Slingplayer Desktop or Web Slingplayer?