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    Sling Box M1


      Upon signing in I see a gree light and saying Sling services are operating normally


      When I try to connect I'm told Sling Box not saved to my account.


      Tried to restart and refresh to no avail.


      Sling Box in another room from wireless router???/



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          katie.sling Apprentice

          Hi Joe,


          The message that the Sling services are operating normally are the services that Slingbox provides, such as the chat option, forums, support site, etc.


          As for the message about the Slingbox not being saved to the account, you would want to hard reset the Slingbox and go back through the setup. If you have an M1, you would use a paperclip to push in the recessed button. All other Slingboxes would have a reset button you would push in for the reset.