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    audio/video stutters on 3g every so often


      just took a long trip from eastern PA to atlantic city (3+ hrs each way) and used sling mobile player on my htc incredible to keep myself entertained along the way...


      anyway, the connection and video quality was great for the most part, but every so often (what i'm guessing is when the connection was being handed off between towers) the audio and video would skip and stutter for a minute or two (or a few), and then come back to be solid again.  i'd guesstimate this happened every 15-20 minutes or so on average.


      i'm not sure if this is a problem with the android app, but my friend made the same drive a day earlier, using verizon's 3g network (thru the palm pre wifi hotspot) and the iphone sling mobile app, and they said there weren't nearly that many stuttering issues.


      has anyone else seen this problem and if so is there a way to correct it?  or do we need to wait for an update on the app?