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    M1 Setup-Need help


      I am unable to initialize the setup for my MI slingbox. I have downloaded slingbox to my desktop, but when it is searching for slingbox, I keep getting the message that "We are unable to locate your slingbox..." but there isn't anything that comes up to allow me to set up my slingbox. Please help!

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          JohnKeller Newbie

          Hello Joe,


          It sounds to me like your Slingbox is not being seen by your wireless network.  There are a few things steps you can take to try to resolve this.


          • Make sure your Slingbox and computer you are setting up the unit on (or mobile device you are using to set up the Slingbox) are on the same WiFi network.
          • Power cycle your router (power it off, wait 20 seconds, power it back on)
          • Hard reset your Slingbox M1 (hold reset button on back panel for 30 seconds)
          • Move your Slingbox M1 closer to your internet router


          Most customers who encounter this issue are able to connect without issue after performing the hard reset of their Slingbox.  Here are some additional resources that you might find helpful:



          Hope this information was helpful!