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    Connection Issue

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      Hi All,


      Im hoping someone in here can lend me a hand. I am watching my slingbox on my laptop with a full (strong) wifi connection, but it is constantly freeing and skipping. Any insight on how to improve this would be awesome. Thanks in advance!



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          JohnKeller Newbie

          Hello Jesse,


          There could be a couple of things causing your issue.  One would be the internet speed at the location where you are attempting to view your streaming content.  Your post definitely suggests that you are quite confident in the strength of connection between your laptop and the wireless network you are accessing, which is very important.  Have you tested the speed of the actual network you are connecting to?  If the network speeds at the remote location aren't within the minimum requirements, that would absolutely have an impact on your streaming quality. 


          Another thing to consider is the network speed at the location of the Slingbox.  If your home network isn't uploading the streaming content at the required speed, that can also impact your streaming quality.  You can safely and easily test your internet speeds by going to Speedtest.net.


          Here is some additional information about network requirements to stream video using a Slingbox:



          If you are confident that both the remote network and the home network have sufficient speeds to support your Slingbox, here are some additional troubleshooting steps you could try:


          • Power cycle router at home location
          • Power cycle Slingbox unit
          • Test on a different remote network
          • Test streaming quality on another mobile device
          • Change the video quality settings on the SlingPlayer



          Hope this information helps!