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    SlingBox 350 - picture/sound quality issues - advice needed!

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      I've got a SlingBox 350 in the UK that is attached to my Sky+ Box and a BT Infinity (HomeHub 5) fibre optic router.

      The upload speed seems to have dropped recently from around 6-7MB to 3-4MB and this appears to be having a very negative effect on the video and sound quality. By this, I mean that the picture and sound will be fine one minute, then very choppy the next, and has even started disconnecting the SlingBox because of the bad connection at times. I have checked the minimum requirements for the upload speed, and it says 2Mbps for HD, so I'm not sure why this is affecting the viewing so badly, as I'm viewing the majority of my programs in SD?!

      I'm viewing the content in the UAE, where I have a similar broadband connection (I'm getting nearly 20MB download here - I'm assuming this is the important bandwidth on the receiving end) and a media device running Windows 7 that is connected to the TV via mini-HDMI cable. (the device has a Core i5-4250u processor, and an Intel HD Graphics 5000 card, so should be up to the job) The Windows 7 media device is also connected to the router via a wired connection, as opposed to WiFi, just to ensure that the connection is the best possible at the viewing end. I'm using the web plugin for IE9, as there isn't a desktop viewer available for Windows 7.

      My questions would be:

      1. Am I likely to see any benefit if I rebuild the media device to Windows 8 and utilise the SlingPlayer for Windows 8 Desktop? (this seems to be different to the web plugin for all other Windows devices)

      2. Is there any configuration on the SlingBox that may improve the viewing experience for my particular set up?

      3. Is there a way to reboot the SlingBox remotely, as this sometimes helps (not always, but it would be good to know if this is possible, as I can't seem to find it on any of the menus)

      4. Can anyone offer any advice as to how else I could improve the viewing experience?

      Any help appreciated!