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    Accessing Slingbox via connected device without using mobile phone or tablet

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      Is there any connected device through which I can access my slingbox but which does not require the use of a phone or tablet?  I currently have a roku stick and access my sling via my android phone and then "cast" the audio and video to my TV via the slingplayer app on my Roku.  I would like to take my phone out of the picture and use a connected device which, via a slingplayer app installed on the device, directly connects (i.e. no need for mobile phone, tablet or other additional device) and allows me to control live and recorded content on my slingbox.  Does anyone know if such a device exists?  I have read a bit about Netgear's Neo TV and it seems that it has this capability.  Anyone aware?  Have any experience with it?  If it does work in this manner, is it supported by Sling (the Neo TV device is not listed on Sling's site as a connected device)? Thanks.