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    Can't connect a Roku on the same network with Slingplayer for IOS or Android, automatically or manually.

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      I have a Slingbox 350 and both a Roku 3 and a Streaming Stick.  All are up to date on firmware and apps.  I have the Slingplayer Apple app on both an Ipad Air2 and two Iphone 5s models.  I also have the Android Slingplayer app on an Android tablet.  All stream beautifully by themselves, but none can find a Roku on the network.  The Roku works fine by itself as a streaming device as well.  I downloaded the Fing network app and it finds all the products on the same network and allows me to ping each of them.  I can't input the Roku address manually.  When I try it on any of the Apple products, I get an immediate "Roku device not found at this network address".  When I try it on the Android app it states that it is "discovering the Roku".  This will spin for an hour if I let it without ever finding the Roku.  I need help now as I've put up with this much too long and have invested nearly 350 dollars trying to make this work.  Thank you!