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    AT&T U-verse and 2wire 3800HGV-B Router


      I need a little help here.

      I just moved and now have AT&T u-verse internet and cable service.  I am trying to set up my slingbox and can get it to work over local connectiono but am having trouble setting up the internet viewing.

      1.   AT&T u-verse supplies their own router which is a 2wire 3800HGV-B router which is not a router that can be selected from the manual set up.

      2.  When I try to do the automatic set up, it says that it can't be done.  When I tried the manual set up, it could not establish a connection when selecting "my router is not listed."  I then tried to select the other 2wire models even though it wasn't mine and the tutorial assistant didnt' really take me to the right pages.  Part of the problem is that the router configure pages are all a part of the AT&T u-verse system instead of the 2wire router screen.  For example, the "firewall" settings isn't anywhere on my screen for firewalls on the at&t uverse router screen.  I tried to re configure it but throughh the screens shown to me but it still won't get me through the assistent again.

      Any help here in getting this to work would be appreciated.