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    Error Connecting - ISP issue

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      I'm having a new problem connecting to my Legacy SlingBox.

      Other people can connect to my slingbox from other locations (not just in the house where it's located).  I've also used my remote hardware (i.e. this computer) to connect to it a couple of weeks ago before when I was in the US.  Now I'm in southeast Asia.  I have a friend who lives nearby (different ISP) who can connect to his SlingBox which is also in the US.  My ISP is a very small operation.

      I strongly suspect my ISP is the issue (i.e. they have this type of 'broadcast' blocked somehow, possibly unintentionally).  How can I investigate that or how can I ask them to change the settings so it will work?

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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hey David,


          It looks like everything is set up properly for your Slingbox to work from this end. You can inquire with your ISP to ensure TCP streaming is allowed through your current ISP/router. You could also give them the IP address and port the Slingbox uses to make sure it's not being blocked. Your generation Slingbox uses port 5001 (default) and the default IP address will end in 254 (ie:,,, etc. -depending on your default gateway).


          Additionally, here is an article with general information regarding Internet Viewing:



          Hope this helps!