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    Roku Slingbox  app not working



      I just purchased the Slingbox 350. I downloaded the app to my smartphone and it works perfectly. However, I am unable to "cast" the app to either of my Roku 3 boxes.


      The app recognizes both boxes.However, when I try to cast, the app on the Roku just restarts and nothing happens.


      I called Sling and they tried several fixes and nothing worked. I called Roku and they said it is not their problem and they told me to call Sling.


      I called back Sling and they can't figure it out. If I can't get the smartphone app to work with my Roku, I will have to return the Slingbox 350 I purchased today.


      BTW, casting works perfectly from my other apps to my TV such as Youtube and Netflix.


      Not sure what else to do.