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    Slingbox Pro HD now unusable on iPad, constantly buffering


      Hi there,

      Looks like my iPad downloaded a new version of the Slingbox software (haven't used it in a while, the Sling interface is totally different) and I am no longer able to stream. It's constantly buffering regardless of what quality settings I have it set to.

      Everything used to work perfectly before this. I'm not even trying to stream outside - this is only on my internal network using 802.11ac. Wifi is very fast. Not sure how fast in the house, but I can hit 60 Mb/s going *outside* the house via Speedtest apps, so inside is likely faster.

      Streaming also works fine if I use the Sling app on my PC so it's not a problem with my wired network. This issue is only on my iPad Air 2.

      Read some posts and see suggestions from mods to uninstall reinstall. Did that, nothing changed. Also confirmed that my Sling has the latest firmware, which hasn't changed since 2013.

      Not sure what's going. My wifi and network performance are stellar and I've changed nothing on my iPad (except updating to the new Sling software) which used to work flawlessly.

      Any suggestions on how to fix this? The Slingbox is unusable on the iPad... buffering every 2-3 seconds... Or just wait for a software update (is Sling even aware of a problem with this?) Is there any way to reinstall the older software?

      Appreciate any help.