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    Remote on-screen cannot control slingbox anymore (after 2 years) -- something happened -- not sure what --- any suggestions?

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      I haven't changed my set top box recently (same one i've used for 2 years).  Just in case -- I hit reset and then selected the source again (Bell Fibe Motorola PVR VIP2262).  The correct remote pops up (same as last 2 years) -- however, it still doesn't work (e.g., if i hit guide or menu or channel -- nothing happens).  The TV program does appear on the screen -- but I can't control anything (I'm watching what is currently on - controlled by the person watching TV in my family room).  Additionally -- I tried a few other things -- tried two other Motorola PVRs sources (that started with VIP) -- and neither of them worked.   I also checked -- and everything is hooked up correctly. Can you please provide some other possible suggestions?