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    I cannot change the channels without disconnecting

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      Help.  I don't know what is wrong.  We have a Slingbox 500 and had it working fine.  We moved it to another location and are using a different Cable box.  It is a Motorola DCT700.  I cannot get the remote control to show correctly on the screen, even though I have re set up the controls numerous times.  If I use the channel guide or the nine dot square to change the channel, it blinks and stays on the same channel.  I have to disconnect and then pick a new channel.

      Also, strangely the channel guide only lets me go up to 125 when I have many more channels than that.  My favourite channel is 171 and I can't get that.  What on earth is going on?

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          Can you be a lot more specific about EXACTLY what you have done so far and at what point something is not happening you didn't expect.   For example, have you done a reset to ensure it is connected ot the router?  Have you re-run the Configure inputs to tell it about the new box....

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              Well I got it fixed, but I still don't know why I had a problem in the first place.  Let me retrace my steps.

              I configured the Slingbox beside the tv and using the remotes.  I followed all the steps, loaded up the cable box info and while my actual remote could move the channels on the screen and search the menu, the onscreen remote was a showing but as a ghost, such as the buttons were grey and not active.  it was like the remote was there but not working.  So I could go to my iPhone, or my ipad or my laptop and what a show, with full video and sound, but when I wanted to change a channel it would not do anything.  I could ask for the remote, but the onscreen remote did not do anything.  I could ask for the tv quide and it would show me only the channels up to 125 but that did nothing.  I could open the nine dot box and put in a new channel but that did nothing.  In the case of the quide and nine dot box, it did bring up the channel, tell me what show was on and ask if I wanted to watch it, but it would not do anything after I pushed watch.  I was stymied.

              So I went to the settings on my laptop this morning after reading your email and went to the configure process on my laptop.  what was interesting was the tv cablesystems button for my cable provider was not highlighted.  Nothing was highlighted.  So I picked it, went through the standard process to pick the cable box model and amazing, the remote showed up full colour and live on my screen and I could change the channels.  Bottom line is, when I'm beside the slingbox using all the remotes, it looks like it works but it really is not saved.  Going remote with a laptop, I can follow the same configure instructions and it is saved and is working fine now.  While i'm happy that it is all fixed, I still don't know what I did wrong when I was beside the box with all the remotes.  Do you know what happened or what I missed?  Thanks.