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    Eternal loop trying to download M1 firmware.


      Hi.  I replaced my AV (from 2007!) with an M1.  While trying to set up the M1 I download the firmware, then it acts like it was not downloaded and tells me it needs to be updated again.

      I get to the 5 min mark on this video, then it tells me to do the same thing again...and again.  Setting up your Slingbox M1 - YouTube

      Am I missing something?

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          I am having the same problem trying to set up a slingbox for my daughter who is headed to college. The screen for "verifying box firmware" is in a continuous loops that I have let run for 25 minutes with no success. Customer service is COMPLETELY unhelpful. I would like to speak with a person that knows how to fix this problem, but have had no luck so far.