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    Sling and Roku


      I know I am blonde but this is nuts.


      I purchased Sling.  Set up my roku online.  Added the channel to my roku.  When I go to the channel it appears as I haven't set it up.  It tells me to click OK for more info and shows me an add for why I should purchase Sling.  It can't be that difficult, can it? 

      I want this to work.  I have been waiting for it but I have no idea how to make it happen.


      Can anyone give me step by step instructions?  I am going on Youtube to look too. 


      Other questions that are answered on the site but do not make sense to me.

      How to you navigate to channels.  It said you could not do it with remote but with iphone?  I went to my iphone to add app...$14.99?  Before I add it, do I need to?


      The one down side to sling is the lack of clear instruction.  I am NOT tech savvy as you can tell. 


      Any help is appreciated!