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    Slingbox M1 Setup WiFi Multiple Problems

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      Purchased a new M1 from Amazon, downloaded the app to my Ipad and went through the steps.


      First problem was that the M1 only showed up on my WiFi for a brief second.  After that, I had to perform a hard reset of the M1 every time I needed to get the WiFi signal and grab it temporarily to go through the box setup.


      Then I received multiple error messages "Network Setup Connection Failed" (after 10 minutes of trying), then it tried automatically installing updates and those failed "Error Message C-202" which I could not find any information on.  It was a long and difficult night (6 hours) with no luck.


      I am inclined to return it and give up, but not sure I can recoup the $30 in Itunes apps that I purchased during the setup process ($15 for ipad, $15 for iphone).


      I have a Google Fiber and a powerful router, so not concerned about that.


      Any tips or advice would be appreciated.


      Thank you in advance.