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    will the sling player App for iPhone / iPad ever support URL scheme?


      one of the things that is tempting to bring me into the Sling fold is the fact that the products appear to be actively supported.  in general.


      my previous experience with the Belkin @TV Premium product - a rather similar product - is such that i believe that Belkin has nearly completely abandoned any on-going support for the product and its iPad/iPhone App.  the last update to the Belkin Apps was back in Oct/Nov 2013 when the App suddenly wouldn't run under (the then new) IOS 7.  the "latest" update was to make it work for IOS 7.  nothing since.  i have asked Belkin repeatedly to support a URL Scheme.  nothing but crickets.


      but now the same thing appears to be happening here at Sling.  i see people asking questions about URL scheme support.  no word.  come on, guys!  it's a one-file change to implement a URL scheme.  if the App is at all maintained for IOS, this could Easily be added to the next build.


      Anyone?  Anyone?


      Bueller?  Bueller?

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