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    Slingplayer app for droid tablets




      1. What is the Bandwidth CAP on HD Stream in Slingbox app ?

                I managed to get 6096 kb.

      2. In 3.4 Version of the app I could choose HD Quality option, and as soon as the stream started the picture was "High resolution".

           In new 3.5 I can only choose between Auto, SQ, and HQ... HQ Option caps at 4096 kb. If I set it to Auto I get the "High resolution" pictue as soon as  stream bandwidth reaches 4500 kb od so (It takes a caouple of minutes)...

      3. Framerate on HD stream is, to say at least, poor if I watch HD Channel, it is almost as if its missing some more bandwidth - thats why I asked about the bandwidth cap in HD Quality stream...


      I run my Slingbox app on Minix x8-H Plus, and Samsung galaxy tab...and get the same results...


      If I watch the stream on om PC or WD TV Live media player (Not the WD TV HD) I my results are pretty ok... Even football (Soccer) is very watchable in HD Qual stream.