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    Super Bummed

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      Setup my SB at home and tested in out -- worked great.   First time I tried it remotely it doesn't work -- says...  "Can't connect to your slingbox, ...  "try power cycling your slingbox"    But, oops I'm not there!   Everything else on my internet service seems to be working fine so I assume the SB has just crashed.   Booo!

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          Hello spl518,


          Your Slingbox account records indicate that the Slingbox unit has been successfully set up, is available on the account, and passed all of the streaming protocols.  Meaning, it looks as though everything should be all set for your Slingbox to stream content outside of your home network.  Considering that information, there is a possibility that the network you are attempting to view might be blocking the Slingbox's incoming signal via firewall or additional security settings.  Are you a network administrator at your remote location?  Lowering these settings to allow the Slingbox signal to come through might be a good step to try.  Are you attempting to view your Slingbox remotely through a mobile device?  If that is the case, I would also recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the SlingPlayer application, as well as test your network speeds at the location you are attempting to stream remotely.  Here are some support resources that will help:



          If those steps do not resolve the issue, a simple reset of the physical Slingbox might be all that is needed.  If you run into any trouble, feel free to contact our technical support department and we can directly assist you further.