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    Slingbox firmware update 1.5.072 with Fire TV Slingplayer app


      I posted this in the Audio/Video Troubleshooting section for the Slingbox 350, but I thought I would post it in the general section for the 350 as well.

      I'm new to Slingbox.  I bought a Slingbox 350, set it up without issues and played it on our 2nd TV through our Amazon Fire TV Slingplayer app.  Picture was clear and motion was smooth even on action scenes.  Next day, the video on the Fire TV was not smooth but appeared to buffer faster action scenes ('jumpy' image).  I checked network speeds, direct wired Ethernet cables, contacted support and they recommended I exchange the box.  I did check the firmware versions right after setting it up and the following day.  Out of the box was vs 1.4.122 when I didn't have a problem; over night it updated to 1.5.072 and this is when I experienced the problems on the Fire TV.  I exchanged the Slingbox 350 for another one and the same thing happened.  Immediately after setting it up, I checked the firmware version and it was 1.4.122; the picture on the Fire TV Slingplayer app was smooth even on action scenes.  The next morning, the streaming was back to being 'jittery' with noticeable buffering on action scenes.  I checked the firmware on the Slingbox and it had updated to 1.5.072 overnight.  I checked the picture quality from my PC and it was perfectly smooth.  It appears that the latest firmware update 1.5.072 is not producing the same smooth streaming on the Fire TV Slingplayer app than the previous firmware version 1.4.122.

      Just to clarify, when I say that there appears to be buffering, I mean that the image tends to be discontinuous and 'jump' rather than be smooth transitions during action scenes; the picture doesn't get 'stuck' or have long buffering times as others have mentioned, it mainly tends to jump rather than have smooth transitions.  If there are no fast motions, then no problem.  The best TV program to experience this is by watching Modern Family.  There is a lot of camera motion on this program and with this rapid motion, the images have a tendency to jump rather than be smooth movements.  Also, it does not have this effect when watching on my PC using Slingbox Watch.  It is on the Fire TV Slingplayer app only.  I have read that on previous Slingplayer apps (and previous Slingboxes) that there were setup choices to improve the smoothness of the action which might cause the picture to be somewhat 'softer' instead of crisp as a trade off.  This is what seems to be happening, only there are no adjustments on the Fire TV Slingplayer app for this; so I'm wondering if they did this with the most recent firmware update automatically together with the Fire TV Slingplayer app.  The image is very crisp; however, action scenes definitely tend to jump rather than be smooth; and I didn't experience this before the firmware update when watching on the Fire TV Slingplayer app. 

      I'm interested if Sling can acknowledge that this may have been a change that they automatically made in the update (rather than give the users some setup control to control the smoothness of the action) and if there are at least plans to fix this.  The image is perfect otherwise, very crisp and definitely HD, just looking to smooth out the action.  The concept of this box is great and I hope to make more use of it but hopefully with a smoother image.  Also, I'm interested if other Slingbox 350 users experience this with the firmware change when viewing on the Fire TV Slingplayer app.

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          This was my online chat with "tech support".....Useless!



          3:03 PM  Connecting...



          3:03 PM  Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly.



          3:04 PM  Support session established with Matthew.



          3:04 PM Matthew:
          Thank You for contacting Sling Media Technical Support. My name is Matthew. Which product are you looking for support on today?



          3:04 PM Gabriel:
          Slingbox 350



          3:05 PM Matthew:
          Thank you, and how can I help you today?



          3:06 PM Gabriel:
          Can you provide me with any info about a possible new firmware for the 350. There was an update that was "released" around December, but it was pulled back. I am having issues with my new Fire TV Stick and ongoing issues with my iphone 6+ over wifi.



          3:09 PM Matthew:
          Your Slingbox looks like it has the most up to date firmware ,1.5.072. What happens on the iphone and fire TV, when you try to connect?




          3:10 PM Gabriel:
          reference point #1




          3:10 PM Gabriel:
          reference point #2



          3:12 PM Gabriel:
          The FireTV stick first....the streaming on the Best HD setting is not smooth...30fps. For reference, I also own a Neo TV and a WD Play with the embeded Slingplayer app and their best stream rate provides a smooth 60fps...the FireTV stick does not.



          3:13 PM Gabriel:
          It appears that based on other users, the prior firmware for the 350 worked on the FireTV stick was smooth, but 1.5.072 appears to break that.



          3:17 PM Matthew:
          let me try to connect on our amazon fire TV in our lab. I would just need the password for the Sling account.



          3:17 PM Gabriel:



          3:19 PM Gabriel:
          changing my password



          3:20 PM Matthew:
          Great, I'll just try to connect in our lab. It might just take five or so minutes.



          3:22 PM Gabriel:
          its now XXXXXXX



          3:23 PM Gabriel:
          I use the crawl on CNN and ESPN to help me see the difference between 60fps and 30fps



          3:29 PM Matthew:
          Thanks for waiting. I was able to log in and get connected and was able to stream in best HD. If you are trying to get it to stream in 60 fps, the Slingbox will only support 1080p for 30 fps.



          3:32 PM Gabriel:
          I have my resolution HARDSET on my directv box at 720p for ALL channels.



          3:32 PM Gabriel:
          all channles are received by all my slingboxes at 720p60



          3:33 PM Gabriel:
          The NEO Tv and WD TV play both stream smoothly at 60fps, but the FireTV stick does not.



          3:37 PM Matthew:
          If the cable box is set up 720p and 60 fps, you should be able to get HD video. If you are not getting the video quality, you might want to do a speed test on his network.



          3:37 PM Gabriel:
          Local network.



          3:37 PM Gabriel:
          I'm getting the resolution 1280x720, but NOT the frame rate.



          3:38 PM Matthew:
          Sorry, I wanted to say on this netowrk. I was able to stream in HD when I was connected.



          3:39 PM  Connection lost. Attempting reconnection...



          3:39 PM  Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly.


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              I am adding my reøy also here, as I hope to get a response on it



              interesting reading this, as I am having exactly the same issue. Slingbox 350, works better on a Slingplayer from PC, than on a FireTV, where it seems to be a more permanent problem. It is stopping/buffering all the time. So what does Slingbox experts say to this??? I also have firmware 1.5.72 on Slingbox.


              Is there a new release of the frmware, correcting this issue?


              Any other tips/tricks to avoid this / workaround??


              Look forward to some feedback on this


              Arnt Helge