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    EASY way to use Slingbox

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      Hi All. here is my issues.  My father spends 6 months in Florida and 6 months in Canada.  We use the Slingbox so that while he is in Florida he can watch Canadian broadcasting (news, sports, etc).

      My father is 87 and not as comfortable with technology as he once was.

      Last year I had him connect to his Slingbox from his Ipad, then stream it to his Apple TV and then view it on his TV.

      This year, I purchased a Mac Mini, so that we could take the Ipad out of the equation.  So now, the Mac Mini connects to his Slingbox (back in Canada) and the Mac Mini is connected to his TV.

      Is their an easier way for him?  Do any Smart TV's have an App? Can this be viewed without the MacMini? He does have Apple TV.

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          For something like this, if you're looking for an easier solution for him, I would suggest the Amazon Fire Stick. This is another connected device, similar to using the iPad and Apple TV, but the Amazon Fire has a built in SlingPlayer, so all he would need to do would be to log in (this also comes with a physical remote to control the virtual remote settings on the TV) after he downloaded the application.


          This really does depend on how comfortable you think he would be with the product though, since I know you mentioned he isn't as tech savvy as he use to be. In the end, it may be that the Mac Mini to TV may be what is best for him, but it would be something to try.


          I hope this helps!!