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    Chromecast Not working

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      Hi, new user here!

      Please add me to the chromecast buffering problem: I thought I was the only one, but doing a quick search on the internet, led me to this thread,https://community.sling.com/message/115859#115859

      I did the port forwarding and everything mentioned on the other thread with no luck


      I have no problem watching my slingbox on my IPAD or Computer... but I actually bought my slingbox to stream to all of my chromecast connected TVS and it is a big let down for them not to work:

      Every 15 secs I get a buffering spinning circle... EVEN WITH THE RECEIVER OFF!!!



      SLING please fix! its a bummer that I have to buy an app for my IPAD and for my IPHONE and not creating a universal app? on top of the cost of my slingbox 350 I have to shell out 30 bucks more for app functionality, that does not work well with chromecast?



      PS: Im creating a new thread because for whatever reason I was not able to add a comment on the other thread