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    Slingbox 350 firmware update 1.5.072 issues with Fire TV Slingplayer app


      I'm new to Slingbox.  I bought a Slingbox 350, set it up without issues and played it on our 2nd TV through our Amazon Fire TV Slingplayer app.  Picture was clear and motion was smooth even on action scenes.  Next day, the video on the Fire TV was not smooth but appeared to buffer faster action scenes ('jumpy' image).  I checked network speeds, direct wired Ethernet cables, contacted support and they recommended I exchange the box.  I did check the firmware versions right after setting it up and the following day.  Out of the box was vs 1.4.122 when I didn't have a problem; over night it updated to 1.5.072 and this is when I experienced the problems on the Fire TV.  I exchanged the Slingbox 350 for another one and the same thing happened.  Immediately after setting it up, I checked the firmware version and it was 1.4.122; the picture on the Fire TV Slingplayer app was smooth even on action scenes.  The next morning, the streaming was back to being 'jittery' with noticeable buffering on action scenes.  I checked the firmware on the Slingbox and it had updated to 1.5.072 overnight.  I checked the picture quality from my PC and it was perfectly smooth.  It appears that the latest firmware update 1.5.072 is not producing the same smooth streaming on the Fire TV Slingplayer app than the previous firmware version 1.4.122.


      I am requesting that Sling incorporate whatever they had in the previous firmware to improve streaming on the Fire TV Slingplayer app or fix the Fire TV Slingplayer app to remove the buffering issues with the latest firmware (1.5.072) on the Slingbox 350.  I was very pleased with the streaming quality right after I set it up but disappointed when the firmware was updated automatically and resulted in this 'jumpy' picture through the Slingplayer app on the Fire TV.

      Any timeline on when this will be fixed?  I still have time to return the box if this is going to take long to fix.

      Thank you