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    Sling 500

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      My Sling 500 will not connect to my computer.  I last used it Sunday. Everything is working on the television.  I went through all the settings with the slingbox on the TV.  I reset the internet.  Any suggestions?



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          jaswinder05 Newbie

          My sling 500 has just started to play up as well.


          Just this moment the slingbox is on a loop withe the power light solid and the network light flashing and then going solid that allows me to connect ......For a minute then it goes to ethernet light disappearing to flashing ethernet light and so on???????

          What going on sling has there been a update?


          Whatever it is my slingbox 500 is on some kind of reset loop????

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              jaswinder05 Newbie

              Definitely something wrong.......When I turn the tv on what my slingbox 500 is connected to it comes with a message that 'sling is turning on this could take a minute or two.


              On my android phone when my tv is on there is no remote option for the sling 500. ..as soon as I turn the tv off the remote icon appears on my phone , when I select that option of the sling remote on my android device it says the slingbox 500 needs a update press the sling icon button on the remote and access the menu to update box........


              I don't know what to do?


              Do I wait for a sling administrator to give me instructions because it's obvious that I am not the only 1 with the problem.


              Please help I will not reset or anything until sling tell me.