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    DirectTV won't let me connect HDMI through my sling box, wants "component cables", due to digital copyright issues??

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      I have a second sling box hooked up to a Sony Bravia 65 inch 4K TV and can view my movie channels without a problem.  My other TV is a Sharp 85 inch Hi def LCD, only about 3 years old.  When I try to view movie channels with my sling box in place, I get a message indicating that I am unable to view these channels due to copyright issues associated with my HDMI hookup.  It asked me to rather use "component cables" for the hookup?   If I take my sling box out of the loop and plug in the HDMI directly from Satellite box to TV, the movie channels now work.  Anyone had this trouble before?  Oddly, it work fine prior to a couple of weeks ago.  Firmware and Sharp are up to date.  Please advise.