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    Chromecast "Unable to connect (2)"

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      100% of the time when I attempt to cast my slingplayer.  I get "Unable to Connect (2)".  All other apps work perfectly with my chromecast.  On my macbook pro, iPad, and iPhone my slingbox M1 is perfect.  It just won't cast... EVER.



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          anthony.sling Apprentice


          Take a look at this article as it may help with getting you connected!!

          Hope this helps!!



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            I am getting the same message when trying to cast Slingplayer from my Ipad. When casting from my Android phone, it works fine.


            I can cast Netflix and MLB from my Ipad,

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              I have same issue and was guided to invoke port forwarding on router at home location - a place I visit infrequently! I have just done this fix but now I am at my other location chromecast still aborting. Sling otherwise working well and airplaying in another room. Chromecast not the issue either as I am able to cast from other applications. Have also called tech support a dozen times this morning  and after the many menu choices y call lands with a receptionist who knows nothing and asks me to call back.

              Not impressed!

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                I have same problem with my Ipad slingplayer, but Iphone slingplayer works fine.

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                  Ok , this won't help everybody but I have two chromecasts and android phone and an ipad.


                  On my android phone and one chromecast I had the problem 100% of the time even though netflix , youtube et al all pl , but no problems  with the other chromecast and also slinging to both via an ipad.


                  I reset the offending  chromecast and found the phone would no longer set it up  (but the ipad would )  from afresh, suggesting it was a phone / chromecast connection issue and not the actual slingplayer app ..


                  A bit of googling and found it was because I had "smart network switch" ticked on the wifi settings on my android phone .  Once unticked it everything worked 100% fine , every time... hope this helps someone..


                  Troubleshoot an Issue - Chromecast Help

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                    Actually, this is not the correct answer. I've fixed this problem, and let me share the solution, which I found on Google's website.


                    You have to somehow turn off AP Isolation on your router. From the Google site:


                    "Your Wi-Fi network configuration prevents devices from communicating with Chromecast. In order to resolve this issue, you will need to disable AP (access point) isolation, AP isolation (also known as 'Client Isolation' or 'Guest Mode'), on your router. Please refer to your router documentation to learn how to disable AP isolation. If you do not have access to your router settings, or if you are attempting to connect through a guest, hotel or public network with AP/client isolation, you will be unable to set up your Chromecast. If you are attempting to connect through a Wi-Fi extender, please check your extender settings. You will need to disable AP isolation on your Wi-Fi extender before setting up Chromecast to work with your Wi-Fi network."


                    Unfortunately, different router manufacturers refer to this setting differently. It will take some digging around to discover what yours calls this, and where the setting is hidden in the menus. For example, I have a TP-Link router, and the necessary setting was hidden in the "Access Control Rule Management" submenu, where I had to check "Allow the packets specified by any enabled access control policy to pass through the Router" box in order to turn off AP Isolation. Who coulda guessed?

                    But as soon as I did, my Slingplayer on my iPad and my Chromecast began playing beautifully together!

                    Good luck finding the setting on your router. But when you do, everything will work....

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                      LIke other users, I am also experiencing the "Unable to connect (2)" message. I was skeptical that something needed to be adjusted on my router. Regardless, I attempted the few things mentioned above (UPnP, Port forwarding, AP isolation).  All of those things were already configured correctly on my router.

                      This problem randomly began occurring a week or two ago. Slingbox, if your users are suddenly experiencing widespread technical difficulties, the answer should not be that every user must go into their advanced router settings. Most people cannot even remember their passwords to get into their router admin setup. Good customer service would be troubleshooting a bug fix for this.

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                        Same problem
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                          So which router needs UnPP? The one where I am trying to sling it to? Or the homebase? please don't say the homebase because that's is never going to be able to be fixed.

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                            FYI This is still an issue. Just tried to setup my Sling and Chromecast, to no avail. Sling works fine on all my other devices (when its not being slow). Has NOTHING to do with UPnP

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                              I have the same issue.  I have three Chromecasts and two Sling M1's, one on the internal network on one on an external network.  Both give the same error, just randomly started several weeks ago.  They were all working previously.

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                                Just spoke to Sling Support, Yes they are aware, and have no ETA on a fix, they did however provide me with a workaround.  If I change the DNS servers on the network where my SlingBox is located, I am able to connect remotely  The DNS servers they provided are and

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                                    Not sure if this will help everyone, but I finally got my chromecast working with my slingbox.  I had the router at the slingbox home location changed with suggested port forwarding and udnp settings.  By itself, this didn't fix the chromecast.  Out of desperation, I turned off guest mode and VOILA I could cast!  I got it working with both my iPhone and iPad.  So I'm not sure if it's a combo platter or something as simple as turning guest mode off, but there was some success.  I will mention that the port forwarding has improved the quality of streaming on all platforms, so it's worth doing.

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                                    Same issue happening for me too... Everything worked fine until a few days ago and just happened all of a sudden.  I'm out of warranty and there's zero chance I'm paying $30 to talk to tech support for this (especially because I have no access to the home base router.)


                                    Has anyone figured out a fix?  Also is this something that's a new issue for others as well?  I did a factory reset on the Chromecast and it didn't help, I'm trying to figure out if it's a Sling issue or a Chromecast issue.

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                                      Unable to Connect (2) 100% of the time.  Slingbox 350 remote, 3 Chromecast's in my home.   All other apps stream fine. 

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                                        I just stumbled on this forum and am also having the same "unable to connect (2)" error. It's not very encouraging knowing this has been occurring since January without a fix yet. Everything did work at one time for me and without explanation just stopped casting to Chromecast and displaying the error.


                                        A question for those monitoring - I've seen a lot of discussion around port forwarding and am confused where the forwarding takes place. I don't have a big network background and don't like to implement something without understanding it just because it's recommended. I really hesitate to make any changes since everything did work initially. Does port forwarding occur at the network where the SlingBox is installed or the network where the Chromecast is installed?


                                        I have a primary location with a SlingBox M1 installed. Installation went well with no problems. Android Slingplayer application, which is the purchased version, on my Samsung Galaxy S6 works great at secondary location. IOS Slingplayer application, free version, on iPad 2 also works well. When attempting to use the Slingplayer apps Chromecast feature with either device the unable to connect (2) error occurs. My simple way of thinking is it's a Slingplayer app problem with the Chromecast interface not allowing the casting to occur since apps work fine individually on each device. I can also initiate the Chromecast apps casting feature on my Android phone and display the content of what Slingplayer is playing. Trouble with that is it drains the battery quickly. So, everything seems to function fine when used independently, but not when attempting to use the Slingplayer Chromecast interface. Back to original question, is some kind of port forwarding required at the secondary location and if so how is it implemented? By the way when attempting to connect with my sons Chromecast at his home same error occurs.

                                        Sorry for the lengthy post, wanted to be somewhat detailed. Thank You!

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                                            ACC6384536 -  I have the exact same problem.


                                            I purchased a slingbox 5 months ago, Then I was forced to spend another 15 dollar so I could stream my sling to Chromecast. Fine, it work, it was worth it. BUT for 4 weeks now I can no longer connect to any Chromecast. I get the same error (2). I did not have a problem until recently so it is not a port forwarding issue. It is a software issue that apparently SlingBox doesn't care to fix. I think they are more interested in adding ads to their software.

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                                                Having the same problems with Chromecast. Some days it might work, 90% of the time it doesn't. Even when it does work, the buffering is annoying and constant. I switched to a Roku instead of Chromecast and it works like a charm out of the box. I recommend going that route instead of wasting your time messing with router settings and troubleshooting. 

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                                              I just wanted to add mine won't cast either, same error message as everyone else. I never even got it to work once. Figured maybe if I add my complaint as well, we are one step closer to a fix.     

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                                                I just purchased the sling box M@ this weekend because it said it can be viewed on a chromecast, but I m getting the same error as everyone else here.  I feel that this is very misleading.  You shouldn't be able to list this as a feature if it doesn't actually work.


                                                I have port forwarding enabled correctly and can view it on a laptop, desktop, iPhone, and Android perfectly, but I am unable to view it through my chromecast when I am at my girlfriend's house, and that was the whole point of getting it!


                                                How do we get this resolved?  It's obviously not the chromecast's problem because every other app works fine.  It's unacceptable (and illegal) to advertise that you have a feature that you don't actually have.

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                                                  Guys i think i find the soulution. its kinda weird but it works for me.

                                                  I got this issue couple times and make me crazy. then i solve it and came again. Now it happend again and just solved again. I know the trick, at least works for me, and hope it will work for you.


                                                  All i did;

                                                  • restore the chromecast to factory set but don't install it again. (turn it off)
                                                  • restore the router and wireless and make sure it will delete all the history of devices
                                                  • run the wirless again and reconfigure everything
                                                  • now trun on the chromecast and install it with the wirless ( but never try slingbox with chromecast- feel free to use chromecast with other apps)
                                                  • wait until next day and try to play slingbox it will work. (it's kinda funny but i swear i tried it twice and worked thanks god)

                                                  I don't how it works like this but am assuming that you give a time for chromecast to reconfigure again and flood the new IP to the router with the waiting time. Am just assuming!


                                                  It's 100% technical issue and hope the SlingBox team get some hint or at least work with chromecast to solve this issue.


                                                  let me know if it works for you becasue i know how it frustration.


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                                                    An update to my post above:


                                                    The issue resolved for a few weeks, but now the Slingbox fails to cast without any message at all.


                                                    So... I guess they "fixed the glitch."  It still doesn't work, but I don't see the message anymore.

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                                                      I've been able to watch slingbox on my mac or android phone and then cast it to the chromecast for the past month at least with no issue. Today I got a new mac OS update and now it tells me my software isn't compatible, understandable since its day 1 with the new software. However, I'm using the same router, same android phone, same chromecast and NOW it gives me the error 2 when trying to connect my phones slingplayer app to the chromecast. Now the chromecast app updated with a major update a few days ago, everything still works fine, the slingplayer is the only thing I've found so far thats been effected, please help.

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                                                        Chrome cast over sling box gets classified as p2p traffic. Make sure you don't have that blocked on your router. Also some ISPs block or slow this type of traffic. Call your provider and ask them if they block or traffic shape p2p traffic. That will cause the sling box over chrome cast to not cast or be very low quality over cast.

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                                                          I can confirm that the new Chromecast 2 does not solve this problem. I wasted $35 hoping that it would fix the problem but it did not. I should have just bought the fire stick. oh well.

                                                          Also guest mode on or off (in chromecast) did not fix the problem for me either.

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                                                            I'll share my 2 cents.  This could be the answer for most of the issue people are having. The only error I would get is accessing the slingbox and trying to cast thru the chromecast from outside world back to my home network. From the internal LAN network, chromecast works fine.  From outside for example, you are at your friend's house and trying to cast slingplayer to your friend's chromecast.  The problem to me is the chromecast unable to dial back to my house and get a good handshake.  I tested several times, once in a while I can get it going, but most of the times the

                                                            "Unable to connect (2)"


                                                            What I found is the slingbox has an open port that it advertised out. in my case, my M1 model selected port 5301.  To find this info on your slingbox, login into the web or the slingplayer desktop.  go to settings and look at your network info. it should tell you what port your slingbox is using.


                                                            I understand most of us out there buying a slingbox are clueless about setting up a network.  The slingbox works great and easy to setup, but it should allow manual setup for network.  OK, I have knowledge of advanced routers and cheap residential routers.  So to put in layman terms, all residential gui routers have a section that allows you to IP reserve a network device to have a permanent IP.  I recommend you do that to your slingbox.  Next these routers should have a section for virtual server or port forwarding.  Virtual NAT server is the easy way to go.  In that section, specify a "Public Port", "Private port" and the device (IP) it's going to.  Example, your slingbox has an IP of, and using port 5301.  So in the virtual NAT section.  Your Public port is 5301, Private port is 5301, and then the slingbox IP of  Save and test it our from another location.


                                                            Hopes this help

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                                                              I tried the Guest Mode solution on the Chromecast. When I was getting the Unable to Connect (2) error, the Chromecast had the Guest Mode enabled. Android or iOS, connecting with the Chromecast was hit or miss probably connected successfully less than 10% of the time. I turned off Guest Mode on the Chromecast and connected right away.

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                                                                Weird issue for me. At my Bros house he can cast my slingbox to his tv using his S5. I can't cast usng a Note 3, tab pro 12.2 or LG G2. I get the error.

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                                                                  I hate to sound like a flamer but I have been struggling getting this to work for months. Perhaps the problem would be solved if I opened the ports at my parents house where the slingbox 350 is when I go there next year but thinking they could update the router is a joke and not an option. My problem with this situation is that slingbox/slingplayer works great in all situations, except getting it to chromecast. Watching the slingbox on my large screen tv at my home is the endgame and I wasn't able to do it after months of efforts and attempts. Finally I realized that spending $38 on a roku stick might be a better use of my time. The last thing I wanted was another streaming device, another roku, another remote, etc, but I am so happy I broke down and bought it. All problems solved. it works great, just like the chromecast should. I hit the chromecast tab on my slingplayer of choice and instead of selecting livingroom chromecast I select roku and it plays back on the tv just as I would have wanted the chromecast to. As a cord-cutting xbox one owner I now simple say "xbox watch tv" since I plugged the stick into the xbox's HDMI pass-though and my slingbox is already streaming my parents cable since it rarely disconnects. Amazing.

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                                                                    I'm having the same issue. It worked fine for several weeks and now all of sudden it stopped working on all my devices. I have tried to cast using a ipad and two different Android devices.  My temporary work around is to mirror the display on my Android tablet or phone and cast that to my television. It's not ideal but it works every time.

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                                                                      evan.sling Novice

                                                                      Hello everyone!


                                                                      I know it's been a long time coming, but engineering has identified the root cause of the "Unable to Connect(2)" issue when streaming Slingplayer to Chromecast, and we expect a resolution very soon.


                                                                      Sit tight!  We're working on it.



                                                                      Sling Media Forum Moderation Team

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                                                                        I stuck my slingbox in a DMZ and the remotely located Chromecast in a DMZ and it did not work when attempting to Sling, via IOS app, and Chromecast in a remote location. I always get Unable to connect (2).


                                                                        There was a time in the recent past where it worked with a previous generation Chromecast, but both old and new Chromecasts yield the Unable to connect(2) error.

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                                                                          Still broken. Can't connect. January 22.

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                                                                            broken still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                                                                              Mine is working again. Did not change any settings. Just started to work again I noticed yesterday.

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                                                                                I am experiencing the same problem my slingbox 500 worked with chromecast iOS app for a month now it doesn't work. I have all updates and reset chromecast to factory settings and still it won't connect to chromecast!

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                                                                                  A lot of us liked Chromecast because you could use the Slingplayer app overseas. But with that app apparently dead, my attention has turned to the Fire Stick others have recommended. But I notice it only works in a few countries... and my country isn't on the list. I wondered if the geolocation checking is done by the Fire TV device or by the service you are streaming with it... and in that case, might the Slingplayer for Fire Stick stream to any country? Does anyone know, so I don't have to pay these thieves another $30? Thank you.

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                                                                                    used iPad sling app a bunch of times with slingbox350 @ brothers house and streamed it for hours to my chrome cast.  Today i go to fire it up and get the unable to connect (2) error message over and over.  Absolutly no changes on either end. Same routers, iPad, sling player etc.  sling said they had identified the issue, in November? what is the official fix from sling?  Eric.
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                                                                                      dark force solution worked for me!

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                                                                                        I set up a DMZ on my home server for the IP address to which the Slingbox was connected. Did the same on the remote side to the IP address where the Chromecast was connected. Opened up streaming ports on the home side as discussed above. This did not work ... UNTIL after I logged out of my Slingplayer app on my iPad and then logged back in ... it then worked for the first time and the signal has been pretty good. Time will tell if this works consistently but for now it has worked for the first time.

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                                                                                          SlingSupportHidy Newbie

                                                                                          Try enabling guest mode for chromecast.



                                                                                          To manage guest mode on your device, first open the Google Cast app, then: 1. Tap Devices. Tap the device card menu of theChromecast you'd like to adjust.

                                                                                          Hope this helps, as it worked for one of my previous customers.