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    Alternative Channels

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      I really like the thought behind Sling and several of the channels yet the current selection doesn't pull me in to spend $20.00. For those of us that would like to have something like this and really don't care for sport channels, I think another selection would be great. I know you can do add ons but in the end, once you start adding packages then you might as well buy cable or satellite. I would like to see a $20 package with channels like History Channel, Discovery, Science channel, TBS, USA, CNN, and ABC Family. BBC America would be great also.


      Just my thought. Would buy that Slingbox in a heartbeat.

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          ferguspa Apprentice

          Slingbox != Sling TV.  In other words, the hardware box that attaches to your existing television receiver (e.g. cable, satellite) is NOT the same thing as the Internet streaming service.


          Not sure why they chose to confuse things, but it is what it is.