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    Amazon Fire Slingbox App

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      I need help with the Slingbox App for Amazon Fire TV.  I have used the other slingbox apps for years, and use the tv controller popup.  The Amazon slingbox app does not have a controller.  It uses popup windows for control.  I need a tutorial or user guide for these on screen popups.


      Here are some of the issues:

      • When I use the up on the amazon controller, I get the popups.  I can't get them to disappear.
      • I get this annoying favorites popup that keeps telling me to press an up button to save favorites from the full screen view.  When I am in the full screen view and press the up on the amazon controller, I get a popup that says up cursor, but nothing happens.
      • I can sometimes get the favorites popup to allow me to scroll down (using the amazon controller down) and can find a second page of the favorites popup.  But I cannot get to the bottom of the popup to press the green button.
      • When I am in the guide page, I cannot get the guide to scroll down one page at a time.  It will only go down one line at a time.
      • When I am in the DVR mode, I cannot get the screen to go back to the streaming video. 
      • When I press the back button on the Amazon controller, I exit slingbox.


      Is there a user guide or manual for this application?  The help screen on the app is useless.  I would pay a nominal fee for training.