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    Slingbox On-Screen Remote Hotkeys Disabled?


      I used to own a Slinbox Solo and was able to use a keyboard to control the on-screen remote functions, such as P for Play, S for Stop, etc.  Currently, I own a Slingbox 350 and these hotkeys seem to be disabled.  I called and spoke to one of the Slingbox representatives and they confirmed that Slingbox did in fact disable the hotkey feature.  The only way to control the Slingbox 350 was to use the on-screen remote with a mouse only.


      There is a rather neat piece of Infrared (IR) technology called FLIRC that I was hoping to configure to use with the Slingox hotkeys which would have allowed me to use an actual cable remote control to control the Slingbox on my PC.


      Hoping the hotkey feature is something Slingbox can re-enable for the newer equipment and software.  Wanting to use FLIRC!






      Yes, you are correct.  The trick was simply ensuring that Slingobx (newwatch.sling.com or Slingbox Desktop Player) was in full-screen mode.  Whether the remote was visible or not, the hotkeys work at that point.  The time I was troubleshooting with the Sling representatives, I was not using the player in full-screen mode.  Still unsure why they informed me they were disabled...


      In any event, FLIRC has been configured and am now using my physical Xfinity remote control to control my Slingbox!