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    Slingplayer 2.4.4 won't connect using 4G LTE but will connect with any WlFI connection.


      Using HTC One M8, Slingplayer 2.4.4 will work if connected to any wifi.  If connected to 4G LTE, I get an alert that says "Can't connect to your Slingbox.  Please verify that your Slingbox is set up correctly by trying to connect to it from your home network...."


      What makes it more interesting is that you can turn on the wifi, connect to wifi, and then you can connect to the Slingbox, disconnect from the Slingbox, shut down wifi (switching back to 4G LTE), and then Slingplayer will connect.  From then on I can connect/disconnect from my Slingbox without issues using 4G LTE (until I stop the application).


      Does anyone have any ideas?