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    Trying to set up a connection for my Slingbox Solo.

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      Background: I bought said Slingbox in 2009 and have many happy experiences with it overseas. When I tried it out today, found it didn't work and I have tried ALL the suggested solutions without success. The only differences in hardware since last time I successfully used said Box is the Sky box has been updated to HD, although I don't actually receive HD services.


      Today, I tried the slingbox to find that the Network light was either flashing or turned off, depending upon which 'so called' solution I tried. I then clicked on 'Slingbox Directory' to find under 'My Saved Slingboxes' a 'My Slingbox', under which is displayed 'Internet Connection'. Does this mean I have a connection? I also tried setting up another connection but after logging in and passwording, found I needed a Slingbox ID, some 16+ chars. Unfortunately I don't have this ID so my next question is, does one require this Id for creating a connection? And if so what should I do to obtain said Id???


      Over to you guys.