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    slingbox update not finishing AGAIN for Chrome

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      We do this dance every time you update your plugin, and I wish you would start making this easier on your customers.  I am using Chrome (latest version), and I have a message that slingbox needs to be updated.  I follow your instructions:

      For Chrome

      When you go to Watch on Slingbox.com, you first see the Software License Agreement.

      Click Accept.

      Click Install Plug-in.

      The Add to Chrome box appears.

      Click Add.

      The plug-in is installed.


      But the plugin is not installed!!!! I am taken back to the same license agreement screen.  And you know Google doesn't trust your plugin because of the broad permissions and that for many of us there are other steps to take, so please please please tell me the real way to update your software on Chrome.  I don't have $30 to spend on the helpline to make your update go through.