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    HDMI Error with Slingbox 500/U-Verse Box


      So I've had a Slingbox 500 for over two years with no complaints. I just moved to Atlanta and switched cable providers to AT&T U-Verse. The Slingbox quickly adapted to the new cable box and works on my Slingplayer apps well. However, after a few hours of the TV being off, and I assume the U-Verse box going to sleep, I keep getting this message: View image: Screen Shot 2015 01 28 at 1 20 45 PM


      It says HDMI Error and some helpful hints how to fix the problem. Is there a way around this? Is there a function on the remote in the Slingplayer app to wake the U-Verse box? I'm even looking as far as a way to keep the U-Verse box awake at all times. Any advice would be appreciated.