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    (*sigh*) SB-500 not an option


      My Slingbox Classic finally died, so I ordered a SB500. Setup was straightforward, though there were some anomalies:

      • Based on my zip code, it did not list my cable system - BrightHouse Tampa Digital - but did list the Brandon Digital. The lineup appeared to be the same so I selected that.
      • When I viewed Settings, it said it was "CableVision", not BrightHouse
      • When I logged in online, I could not find where to give this new Slingbox a non-default name. Of course by then I was aggravated and probably didn't look hard enough.


      The real problem is the "normal" operation of the TV and cable box. Other members of the family are NOT going to put up with it, especially if I (or one of the kids) is using the SB remotely, whereupon the home users are forced to use the raw TV feed on the TV. This is because the SB effectively takes over the Cable set-top box, forcing the home user to use the raw TV feed, meaning HD channels above 110.11 are unavailable. This would be fine if I wanted to pony up for another cable box dedicated to the SB, but that negates the "no monthly charges" claim.


      I am going to have to return the SB500. Do any of the other models currently available still accept a coax input from the cable system?


      Also, how do I do a hardware reset to clear my wifi connection properties and other settings?