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    Chromecast still not working in SlingBox (Buffering) - and No, Port Forwarding isn't the problem.

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      SlingBox Tech Support people,

      Many people in this community have had a consistent problem with SlingBox Chromecast not working (it frequently buffers every 15 seconds or so).  This is disappointing but understandable as new technology can be difficult to get right the first time.


      The frustrating thing is SlingBox has still not acknowledged this problem!  We are repeatedly being told to change port forwarding settings, but those changes have not resolved the issue for anyone here.  There is a very vibrant discussion about this issue in this thread: Re: SlingPlayer chromecast problem which tec hsupport appears to have previously marked as 'answered' and thus, we assume you are no longer reading.  That is why I started a new thread.


      If you would like us to provide more details of the problem and help you recreate it, please let us know, we are happy to help. 


      It is fine if there is no immediate solution to the Chromecast problem, all we ask is for a response along the lines of:  "We acknowledge this glitch and are working on correcting it in a future update."  Such as response would make many people happy.


      Thanks for all the great work you do