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    Reset remotely


      I have a new Slingbox 500. It was set up properly. It worked fine for one week. It stopped working (couldn't connect Error P4) so I had a neighbour go into my house and reset the modem, Slingbox and Nextbox PVR. They contacted me when it was all done. I tested it and it worked. A few hours later I attempted to connect and it says it cannot connect (Error P4) again. I am in Mexico and my home is in Canada. This is not acceptable. There must be a way to reset the Slingbox remotely or the Sling box is faulty.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          More likely the Slingbox is losing connection with the router.  Many of us put timer switches on so that everything gets rebooted at 03:00 in the morning.   I have treated my self to a Belkin WeMo switch so I can power cycle everything from a remote location.

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            I am having the same problem. Everything has been working perfectly for months and just lately I had the same error message (P4) with loss of communication. My Slingbox is in SC and I am trying to view in Bermuda. I had my neighbour unplug the power and plug back to reset....... worked fine for a few hours and now it's gone out again. Maybe need to upgrade the router as it's only the basic Netgear N300. I will take your advice about a timer or the Belkin WeMo switch. Thanks

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              I also am getting the P4 connection error on both of my computers.  I have recently purchased a new router which works just fine.  I suspect this is a problem with the latest version of Chrome.  I have been unsuccessful trying to connect on a weekly basis for several months now.  If anyone has a better suggestion than a new router, I would like to hear it.  Thanks.