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    Direct TV Genie

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      Trying to setup slingbox 500 with direct tv mini genie (c41). I have both the hdmi and component input cables connected as per the instructions. Output on TV screen and on computer say "Your tv does not support this programs content. Replacing the TV's HDMI cable with component cables will allow you to view the program" I have tried removing the hdmi output cable from the slinbox and hooking it up with component cables--same result. Any help would be appreciated!

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          JohnKeller Newbie

          Hello gsrink1,


          Thanks for posting your question to the Community.  It sounds to me like you are experiencing HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Copyright Protection), which is a form of copyright protection that some set-top boxes and programming use.  Removing the HDMI cable from the configuration should resolve the issue.  Since it sounds like you've already removed the HDMI cable from the setup, you might now be seeing an SOC (Selectable Output Control) issue.  Basically, what that means is if you are attempting to have two separate video signals leaving your set-top box at the same time, your set-top box will shut down the feed to one of them.  To resolve the issue, try this... 


          Instead of having separate connection to your TV and to your Slingbox, try using the available pass-through option.  Connect your set-top box to your Slingbox 500 via component cables.  Then using the component output ports on your Slingbox, connect your Slingbox to your TV.  Your TV will receive video signal via the pass-through component connection, and the video feed to your Slingbox won't be disabled due to HDCP or SOC.  Only one video feed will be leaving the set-top box, and it will simultaneously be servicing both your Slingbox and your TV.


          For additional information on HDCP and SOC, here is a knowledge base article from our support site:



          If you continue to have any issues, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support department at 1-877-GO-SLING.  Hope this information helps!



          Sling Media Tech Support

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              Thank you for your prompt response.


              Before I read this, I actually had removed both the input and output HDMI

              cables from the sling box, contrary to the setup instructions, and found

              this to work with only the component cables connected. I am using the HDMI

              output from my Directv Mini Genie (C41) to feed my TV at the same time with

              no problem. I can switch between both inputs (component & HDMI) and both

              seem to work fine‹the sling box just didn¹t like them connected at the same



              Thanks again!

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              How do you connect the Slingbox Solo to Directv Genie?  Not the main box but one of the smaller boxes in another room.