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    M1 Slingplayer for Desktop AND Chromecast


      I just got an M1. I downloaded the software into my computer. It says on their  FAQ that I should click on the screen to see the controls and there should be a Chromecast icon beside the volume rocker. I do not have this Chromecast icon. Can anyone help me with this?

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          stanley.sling Apprentice

          Hello Mazer2112,


               Thanks for posting! The reason you aren't seeing a Chromecast icon on your computer is that, streaming to Chromecast (at this point) is only offered on SlingPlayer for Mobile Devices. Put simply, the Chromecast icon only shows up in SlingPlayer on devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android phones and Android Tablets.




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              Yes, I purchased the Android phone app for using a Google Nexus 6 (Motorola) together With M1. Seem to work fine except for Chromecast is a bit unstable. When icon pop up (not always), then picture appear with medium quality and narrow aspect ratio. Cannot find any setting to «wide».

              Also, the picture resolution on the Slingbox Player Windows Destop is clearly low resolution. I’m using component video. I cannot select “HD” under quality setting, only “Best” even on a pretty fast fiber line (15/5Mbit). The Slingbox Player reports a bitrate of 5200-6300 Kbps. Have not tried the Windows 8.1 yet since I cannot find it (won’t show up) on Windows Store.

              Hope you can answer these 2 question 

              Best reg. Tore Rimereit