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    What is causing a significant deterioration in M1 peformance?

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      I have been using Slingbox for many years to view my US cable service while overseas: first the ProHD and, since last year, the M1.  The performance has been VERY impressive - excellent video quality and very responsive to remote control commands.  I have excellent upload speeds at the slingbox and excellent download speeds at my Slingplayer computer.  However, recently I have seen a significant deterioration in performance on my M1

      1.  The Windows 8.1 Slingplayer app hesitates for quite a while before responding to a remote control command (e.g., to change channel).  The "waiting/processing" wheel cycles for up to a minute before a channel change, etc.

      2.  Playback hangs up more frequently (even when I set the quality to SD)

      3. The DVR controls continually pop up on screen whenever I execute a remote command.

      4. More artifacts that I've ever seen before while viewing in HQ and HD

      I know that the problem is not a bandwidth issue and I'm viewing the Slingplayer app on a newly-built i5 computer.  Any suggestions on what I should try to fix this?