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    Problems in IE11

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      Hello...  I'm having an "odd" issue that I'm hoping someone has seen before.


      I have a Slingbox 350 hooked up to a DirecTV HR-24.  All connections, including to the TV are via component (no HDMI).  If I try to watch via Slingplayer on the web, it works just fine IF the HR-24 was already turned on.  If it happens to be off when I start the Slingplayer, it will tell me it's off and offer to turn it on, when I say yes, it turns the HR-24 on as expected, but I get no video or audio.  If I close IE, then start again (with the HR-24 on), it will work fine.


      I don't have this issue in Chrome.  It works fine there.


      Any ideas (other than use Chrome)?