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    Slingox M1 not completing setup


      I have had slingbox's for 5-8 years, now on my third and after having issues with my 350 not working, i have replaced with a M1. I am overseas with the m1 at my sisters in the states feeding from a direct tv dr24-500 satellite box. It has updated firmware to 1.00.082. I have worked through the video issues with component and hdmi. i have component feeding thru the m1 to tv with no issues. The router is a at@t modem router netgear 7550. I am configuring via teamviewer but get to the screen attached below but no video on local pc. prior to this screen it will say video signal found but no picture. It gets to the 5.42 minute on m1 setup video but is black where the picture should be the shows this screenslingbox m1.png