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    usb port on sling support 4g modem?


      usb port on sling support 4g modem? i want to stream with 4gmodem  is this possible dirrect to atach modem on sling

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          sakisson Novice

          Hi! I suppose you refer to the 4G dongles modems and for multiple reasons will not work a) non of the slingboxes has an usb port to connect and even if it was the case b) the usb dongle is made in a way to work with a device and the drivers has to be installed on this specific devise which has to be a PC/MAC also most of them are simple modems without DHCP in addition to the fact that the slingbox must be configured from a pc connected to the same network, the only solution which might work is to attach the usb dongle to a router which supports USB connection/has USB port and get the confirmationt hat the firmware of the router supports the brand of this dongle so the dongle will work as a modem and the router will do the Ip assignment letting the slingbox connected and another pc at the same time to run the configuration of the router > hope this helps