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    Amazon Fire TV / Fire TV Stick Issues / Feature Requests


      Video Quality Setting Preference:

      The video quality ALWAYS starts at the lowest and I have to manually enter HD every single time.  Others have had the same issue.  If there was a setting to set for HD on startup, that would be ideal.


      Channel Numbers:

      Many of us use Harmony or Bluetooth devices that allow us to change channels.  There are no Harmony commands that I could get to work.  The settings for my Google TV (Logitech Revue / Sony GoogleTV) work perfectly.


      Page Up / Page Down:

      Another missing feature is the Page Up  / Page Down Functionality to be used with external Bluetooth devices.  Mine is the Harmony remote.


      Video Quality:

      The video quality on my Amazon Fire Tv Stick is way more pixelated than the on my Google TV (Logitech Revue / Sony GoogleTV).  The quality is so much better on the GoogleTV than this device.

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          I agree with and double request all of the above features...I bought the fire tv stick because I gave up on waiting for slingbox to update its chromecast implementation (which is very bad)


          Please perfect the app a little further..thx

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              I support the need for improving the SlingPlayer for Fire TV.
              I bought the Fire TV Stick hoping it would be better than the player for the old WD Streaming Media Box, but alas it is still quite cumbersome to use :-(

              Could you consider making a default menu with the very basic commands for operating the Slingplayer (from the Fire TV remote  menu)

              • I need to be able to turn on/off the attached tuner (from the MISC menu)
              • Select between channels (by numbers followed by pressing the remote OK-button (in the center of the navigation circle)
              • Cancel/Exit (and OK if not possible to use the remote OK-button)
              • Change the quality
              • Change between composite/component
              • See the current bitrates/resolution info - this is currently strangely intermixed with the setttings menu: Sometimes the Settings-menu pops up, sometimes the bitrate/resolution info, and sometimes both.

              Alternatively it would be nice to be able to program a Logitech Harmony remote with the above, I believe it is difficult now when the default location in the menu changes during use