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      I can acces my TV remotely, and the DVR remote is also on my screen.  However, I have two problems.  I can watch live TV remotely, yet when I get home, the home TV is on.  Secondly, My playlist from the DVR is displayed, as is the remote needed to control the DVR, however, I cannot get the DVR to work by using the on-screen remote. 

      I have connected the HDMI cable from my directv setop box to my slingshot, then to my TV.  I also have connected the component cables.  I have activated the slingshot with the HDMI.  How can I also add the component features?


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Larry in the mountains needs help.

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          Lots of threads on your first problem, surprised you didn't find them on a forum search.   It has nothing to do with the Slingbox, you will find the same happens if you are at home and switch the DVR on.   Your TV is sensing a video signal appearing on the HDMI cable and switching itself on.  Just go into the menu and there should be a setting somewhere to disable it.


          What model DVR is it ?