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    Problem with using Android Slingplayer app on Xfinity X1 device

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      I recently upgraded (?) to X1 at my house.  I have reconfigured the Slingbox through the website to work with the new Motorola cable box.  I can control the cable box through the Slingplayer on my laptop.  However, I cannot control the Slingbox through my Android Slingplayer app.  I can watch TV on my phone but cannot pause or change channels.  The phone app goes into "wait" mode as it attempts to execute the change but no change occurs.  I have verified that the cable box will change channels with the cable remote control and it also works through the PC version of Slingplayer.  My phone is running Android version 4.4.4.


      I have tried deleting and reinstalling the Slingplayer app on my phone and relinking the app to my Slingbox account but the problem persists.  Any ideas/workarounds?


      Bob S