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    M1 video compared to SlingTV ?


      Has anyone done a direct comparison between these two devices?


      Is the M1 video quality compromised at all by the fact it is analog component sourced vs. the SlingTV which has HDMI source content?  Seems the SlingTV has one less conversion that has to take place with the source material.

      Are colors more 'accurate' with the SlingTV?




      Bob H

      Minneapolis, MN

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          Samantha.Sling Apprentice

          Hello ACC6201651,

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          Between Component Cables and HDMI, you're not losing any picture quality what-so-ever. The primary difference is really just the 5 cables versus 1 cable, and the 24-point sound given with the HDMI. Truth be told though, the human ear can't really hear the difference between the audio through the red and white cables and the audio built into the HDMI.


          I hope this answers your question to your satisfaction.


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