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    Dish Hopper with Sling

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      Hi, I've talked to Dish Network's technical support but they haven't been any help. I just switched from DirectTv to Dish and got the Hopper with Sling. I have been using the Sling Solo for quite some time. My daughter and her husband live in Casablanca Morroco and use it to watch and record their favorite shows.  I had it connected to the DirectTv receiver and used the IR emitter cable to change the channels. I thought that when I had the Hopper with Sling that they would just be able to use it. Unfortunately, they have not been able to connect to it. When they go to Dishanywhere.com the browser says that the webpage is unavailable. They also were unable to connect with the Ipad App.


      Does anyone here have any ideas? I hooked up the Solo again and they were able to see and hear a picture of the TV that I have it hooked up too but the Hopper with Sling doesn't use an IR for the remote so they were unable to change the channel. I can see the remote (I changed it to a Dish remote) but without the IR cable on the receiver, I can't figure out how to change the channel.


      Thanks a lot.