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    Now I have to watch ads of a woman sitting on a TOILET?

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      I can't believe I have to PAY for a Slingbox, PAY for an iPad app, and now I have to look at banner ads across the top of my player AND sit through a YouTube ad of a woman sitting on the john (and have to wait 3 seconds to click through).


      I called them and they claimed they had no idea...   initially they wouldn't even acknowledge it because my Slingbox was out of warranty.  I said it should MATTER.  There have NEVER been ads for years, and now they are all over the place!


      They put me on hold and after 3 minute came back and told me "the engineers" are working on it and it should be resolve soon.


      Seriously?  WORKING ON IT?  They PUT these ads here.  This isn't malware as she suggested.


      I'm done with this company.  This is an act of desperation as far as I can tell.  I will never upgrade or buy another product from them again, and hopefully nobody else will either.