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    Slingplayer "Another authorized user is connect..."

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      Has anyone ever come across this.  I have two devices I use to watch my slingbox.  When I go to watch, the slingplayer on my second device says that there is another authorized user connected, cannot connect.  But the problem with that is my other device is next to me in the off and disconnected position.  Could someone have tapped into my account and using it without my permission?  When I open my first (primary) device, it states the same thing, but I have the authority to kick that person off, so I do and then I able to watch on either of my devices.  Need help.

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          There are lots of threads on this subject.  I would hazard a guess you didn't do a Forum Search before posting ?


          Basically it isn't anyone else, it is you.   What is happening is that when you are disconnecting from the Slingbox (assuming you do that and not just kill the player) the system is not disconnecting properly so when you next start a session it still thinks someone is connected.